Virtual Reality Safety Education

Here you can read more about our training programs in virtual reality and the benefits of the new technology.

Virtual Reality, the future for safety education!

Safety is one of the most important thing in a working place. Innan AB has taken safety education to a new level by combining their long experience in safety with Virtual Reality. By utilizing VR, the education can be held in environments mimicking the real world, but without putting the participants in real danger.

By building virtual environments where the participants can test their safety skills in various scenarios without any risks for themselves, the equipment or the environment. In addition, it is very cost efficient.


Your environment or general safety exercises?

A safe working environment, trained and risk conscious staff is areas that must work in a company in order to avoid damage to health, environment and property. In other words, it is important to know what to do before the accident occur.

With the virtual security trainings can we train and practice in environments as before was impossible in a safe and cost-effective manner. We can build up general or specific virtual environments and scenarios to your workplace and according to your needs. Staff or contractors can train and practice themselves in preventive safety work as both authorities and you demand before they enter the ”real world”.

Virtual Reality Safety Education

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